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Stina Ehrensvard: How individual Internet users can secure their online identity, including email, social media accounts, and more in an easy and secure way

The majority of users are today aware that a computer connected to the Internet is vulnerable for malware and online hackers, but do not know that a smart phone or tablet suffers from the same security threats. According to Symantec, several millions of mobile users are likely to be affected by malware that can copy sensitive information accessed from a mobile device, including email, personal payment information, etc. To secure access to the mobile device and applications, security experts do not recommend static passwords or mobile authentication apps, but a separate hardware authentication token. Continue Reading»

The Evolution of the Payment Processing Industry

Payment processing is very different for large corporations vs. small businesses; the main difference is the type of payment technology utilized. For a small business, a standard POS system or credit card terminal will often suffice. If the merchant accepts payments over the phone or online, a virtual terminal may also be required. For a large corporation, an integrated payment solution is often required. Continue Reading»

A CIOs guide to managing security risks in the face of malicious attacks
Most companies are testing applications in development before they are put into production but ill prepared to maintain security during the production life cycle. Companies are challenged since development resources are reassigned to new applications the minute the application goes live in the production environment and also don’t have the clearances/trust to have access to production applications. Production teams don’t have the skills, resources or knowledge to fix security coding issues or address the moving threat model to maintain a secure application. A solution to this problem is for production teams to work with a company that can safely monitor the applications for new threats and utilize a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block any new threats that arise from the moving threat environment. Continue Reading»
Victor Barris: A CSOs guide to Identity and Access Management
Identity and Security form a Venn diagram. The intersection covers key security objectives such as instant deprovisioning for users that leave a company, and compliance objectives such as periodic recertification of user entitlements and “who-has-what” reporting. Security also covers numerous other areas (threat management, IDS / IPS, desktop security, etc.) that are well outside the scope of Identity Management solutions. Conversely, Identity covers many business enablement scenarios such as automated provisioning and user self-service that can enhance productivity and reduce operating costs. Continue Reading»
How an external agency can really shine and pay exponential dividends for the thriving small to medium entity

Most often, small and medium sized companies do not have copious staff resources and wear many hats as a result. Being spread too thin is not conducive to promotion and marketing strategy as it requires daily management and creativity. General marketing staff cannot keep up with all the various mediums, frequent editorial beat changes, short deadlines, and stories that pop up randomly. An external agency provides media relationships, strategic counsel, candid feedback, prior expertise with similar client issues, and most importantly focus to maximize opportunities and garner available exposure. This is where an external agency can really shine and pay exponential dividends for the thriving small to medium entity. Continue Reading»

Ken Xie on The role of Pillar
It’s most important for Pillars to begin with a solid business model, which can help immeasurably during difficult economic conditions. When you have money, people are more willing to give you money. But when you need the money desperately, people look at you as a troubled company. A cash cushion will give a Pillar the freedom to think about the company’s long-term goal. Once a Pillar is thinking long term, they can avoid the pitfalls that come with some short term decisions, such as laying people off, which could ultimately harm long-term goals. A Pillar should also be prepared to invest in their product and not take shortcuts. Continue Reading»
Joey Benadretti on the role of an Organization's President
A Pillar/ President must wear many hats. He/she must be a strategist,  psychologist, a psychic, a mentor, a teacher, an actor, and, all too often, a risk taker.  He/she must be a good communicator, a powerful speaker and, most of all, a great salesperson.  He/she must be able to call on his/her experience to solve problems and come up with viable solutions.  He/she must be a coach, a friend and, most of all, a leader. A top executive must take action, making quick decisions when situations arise and/or problems occur.  He/she must realize that a business is comprised of individuals, each one of whom has their own goals and agendas. Continue Reading»