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Joey Benadretti on the role of an Organization's President

SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning software is being utilized by more than 14,500 small and medium size manufacturers and distributors around the globe to enhance operational efficiencies and achieve competitive advantages.

SYSPRO software’s powerful features, including ease-of-use, real-time information visibility, in-depth reporting capabilities and rapid deployment methodology, are unmatched in its sector. While SYSPRO software is the choice of companies in numerous industry segments, SYSPRO offers rich extensions for producers and distributors of food, medical devices, electronics and machinery.

SYSPRO’s adherence to the continual development of technology based on customer needs is why SYSPRO customer retention rates are among the industry’s highest.

Rake Narang: Which multiple hats does a today’s Pillar/President have to wear? What best practices can you share with tech Pillar’s who are early in their career?

Joey Benadretti:
A Pillar/ President must wear many hats. He/she must be a strategist,  psychologist, a psychic, a mentor, a teacher, an actor, and, all too often, a risk taker.  He/she must be a good communicator, a powerful speaker and, most of all, a great salesperson.  He/she must be able to call on his/her experience to solve problems and come up with viable solutions.  He/she must be a coach, a friend and, most of all, a leader. A top executive must take action, making quick decisions when situations arise and/or problems occur.  He/she must realize that a business is comprised of individuals, each one of whom has their own goals and agendas. He/she must always keep the customer and the potential customer in mind and make decisions accordingly. In addition, he/she must remember that today customer interaction is not only face-to-face but  that the need also exists to establish digital relationships. Commensurately, the written word today is more powerful than ever, so it is important to be expert at written communications. Finally, a Pillar and/or President must be a visionary, innovative and also pragmatic.

Top technology executives must dedicate a great deal of time to fundamentals and must communicate the following:

  • Vision of the company
  • Role of each individual
  • A structured operational business plan
  • Project passion into the team
  • Clearly identify the markets to be targeted and the competition
  • Manage costs and resources
  • Manage growth
  • Be the projectionist of success
  • Build a positive ethical framework for others to follow
  • Lead by example
  • Never give up when faced with obstacles
  • Look for innovative ways to leverage opportunities
  • Do not throw good money after bad
  • Leverage the time/the customers and the entire ecosystem to get the most of what will aid the company

About Joey Benadretti

Rake Narang: What are three tips for building a great team?

Joey Benadretti:
Select team members who are experienced as well as dedicated and enthusiastic.  Select team members who are sincere, who sublimate their own agendas for the good of the team. Select team members who are able to communicate, both orally and written.  In all cases team members should be able to lead as well participate in the team.

A solid ERP and CRM system needs to be in place to ensure absolute insight and control over all activities. This means greater integration of software and systems in both on premise and cloud availability. 

To ensure profitability, cash flow and correct inventory building, both system and human resources need to be in place to manage the financials. 

Rake Narang: What are the challenges of managing a global business?

Joey Benadretti:
It’s important to remember that the customs and mores of countries differ and what might succeed in one might not succeed in others.  Global challenges include different languages, legislation, taxation, costs, human resource availability, unions and other country specific barriers and/or pressures to business activity, geographic hurdles and other value and supply chain challenges. 

In addition managing a global business requires greater use of technology to provide visibility and operational controls.  With this comes the need for a very cohesive management team that can respond quickly and effectively to meeting the multitude of obstacles that interrupt sourcing and on-time delivery.

Today global operations are becoming more controllable because of the Internet, the use of EDI, portals, Web sites and social media. 

However, compensation and benefits across companies need to be standardized where possible, for example, vacation leave in France is greater than that granted in the USA.

Rake Narang: What are some of the trends you’re seeing in technology company investments this year?

Joey Benadretti:
Trends exist in technology as well as other fields.  Currently, “outsourcing,” “brand and positioning” and “cloud computing” are some of the topics currently addressed in newsletters and other communications.   As president, it is important for me to discern the “trends” from what will most benefit the customer over the long term.

Probably, above all the trend is to boost human capital and to both improve and reduce the technology stack in order to take advantage of greater access to information.  This means addressing mobility, big data, on premise and cloud and generally simplifying everything across the enterprise.  The big trend is on customers and retention and the requirement to build, deliver and monitor every touch point within the business and what gets delivered to the customer.  Service is paramount and tracking through CRM and other related systems is on the increase. 

In moving forward much greater emphasis is trending in all areas of the “mobile worker.”

Company: SYSPRO
959 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 U.S.A.

Founded in: SYSPRO founded in 1978, SYSPRO USA founded in 1987
Pillar: Brian Stein
President: Joey Benadretti
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: Costa Mesa, California - United States
Products and Services: SYSPRO develops and offers for sale an award-winning, best-of-breed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for cost-effective on-premise and cloud-based utilization.  Industry analysts rank SYSPRO software among the finest, best-in-class enterprise-resource planning solutions in the world.  SYSPRO software’s powerful features, simplicity of use, scalability, information visibility, analytic/reporting capabilities, business process and rapid deployment methodology are unmatched in its sector.

SYSPRO, formed in 1978, has earned the trust of more than 14,500 companies globally.  SYSPRO’s ability to grow with its customers and its adherence to developing technology based on the needs of customers is why SYSPRO enjoys one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Company’s Goals: Become the ERP software of choice for SMB manufacturers and distributors in specific vertical industry segments.
Key Words: Enterprise Resource Planning Software, On-premise and cloud-based utilization, Rapid implementation methodology, Award winning software, Enhances visibility and control of all business aspects, including supply chains, Single source software solution, Affordable software features ease-of-use, enables customization

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