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Satish Kumar Boguda | Senior Software Developer | Dynamic Enterprise Solutions Inc.

San Diego, California, USA

Satish Kumar Boguda is a multi-award winning technology researcher and senior software developer who makes his living at the nexus of people and innovation. He helps fortune 100 clients take advantage of the emerging innovations by adapting new technology ideas, tackling complex issues, delegating duties thoughtfully and managing time appropriately. As a technology specialist, Satish has featured as a Jury member for many of the Industry Awards and Competitions worldwide. His research on advanced technology solutions, has been published in elevated-performance journals and his work is highly commended by myriad of IT specialists from all over the world.

What do achievements mean to you?

Achievements are really the energy which always tends to keep me focused while at the same time motivates me to accomplish further and above. Moreover, it’s not about what I’ve accomplished, in reality, it’s all about how well I’m supposed to use it efficiently to deliver something and at the end of the day, what benefits it continues to offer to an individual, or maybe to an organization.

The fact of the matter is that, I would like to continue giving 100 percent and make every attempt to be there.

What excites you most about the work that you do?

It’s all about our vision. For me, being a technology evangelist, I’m all enthusiastic about the momentum that really pushes me to work with new people and innovative projects and explore different possibilities to implement 21st century innovation techniques that influence people in their day-to-day undertakings.
I pursue my passion to connect with brilliant minds as well as truly understand the emerging trends all the time.

Keep in mind, there really are infinite possibilities, all you have to do is, follow your zeal to push the boundaries in order to open up new opportunities and gain more knowledge.

Do you have a mantra or motto that you live by?

The energy and willingness to keep moving in the right direction tends to come with motivation and remember that, you are the very first person who can really motivate yourself.

The success mantra, which tries to keep me going, is to do something better today than what I did yesterday.

What makes you yourself?

Giving back to the community is indeed the supreme exhilaration which really defines success and happiness to me and that continues to bring peace of mind.

I genuinely believe in myself and will always have the foot prints of a continuous learner, because the day I take anything for granted, I will stop growing.

Work philosophy

It is the whole percentage of all my practices which often gives me the oxygen to be more like a flowing river and the direction could very well change, but it energizes me to keep on going.

Keep in mind that the very same journey would never always give you the same success, everything is all about paying attention and responding to the situation for opening the doors of opportunities.

All of this focuses on the realistic objective standards of design-centric leadership, which is more like an operating fuel that empowers to be globally competitive, making a huge difference.

Recent successes

Success, it has always been a roller coaster ride and that’s not always winning, it’s more about continually trying and fine tune yourself for any kind of situations.

To me, everything is about continuing to live a serene and productive life, and it’s fundamentally a matter of physical, intellectual and spiritual quality of life which always enables me the freedom to follow such ongoing positives.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to love family members and friends wholeheartedly, as well as to win reverence from a diverse range of individuals.

What was your journey like to get where you are today?

Life is more like a parabolic curve and getting back to the memories of childhood, amid all of the difficulties, something which my mother and father encountered, I was extremely fortunate to have a quality education which was really the primary fuel that managed to open many opportunities one after the other.

It’s certainly not as smooth as the Ferrari, and the only continuous thing here is that I haven’t really decided to give up. The adventure keeps going, and I will be looking forward to enjoying every new moment of voyage.

How do you stay motivated?

I encircle myself with positive minded people who are always centered on achieving their goals.

To me, it is never a technique or a miracle, but instead an ongoing commitment and process which often helps to make realize that something better is specifically made for me and all I have to do is continue exploring, drive innovation, and examine.

Goal yet to be achieved?

A dose of reality to food, medical assistance and education accessible for all people on this earth.

Definition of leadership?

One who is empathetic, motivates, interacts as well as breaks down barriers to discover the creative potential of individuals.

Biggest missed opportunity?

Not being in the foot prints of continuous learning during the initial stages of my professional life.

Always Keep in mind that, “The more you learn, The more you gain”.

Best mentor?

My mother and father, who always educates me several important lessons and without them, I am nothing.

One word that best describes you?

Technology Evangelist

What are you really into outside of work?

Capturing Moments, Exploring Distinct Lands, Enjoying Nature, Getting lost in a good book and Cooking for my family members and friends.

Most important lesson learned?

Money matters, but that’s not everything. Family, Friends and Health are the main source of energy powering our daily lives.

Remember, It’s the simple things which makes life really beautiful.

Idea of perfect happiness?

It’s truly a state of mind and soul, and by appreciating each and every moment of life, I’m getting closer to it.

Greatest strength?


What do you hope to achieve in your next position?

Working to help organizations and governments to actually deal with technologically advanced strategies which will further enhance the quality of life on this planet.

Most influential book read?

Physics of the Future

When it’s all over, how do you want to be remembered?

Honesty and Integrity.

A very well-lived life at the intersection between people and technology.

Favorite word?


Favorite quote?

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

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