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The 2018 Winners Announced!
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10 To-Do Tips Now That Your Company Is A Winner
Congratulations! If you won Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze then the following tips will prove useful for you.

1 – Verify that all your information listed is accurate

The most important thing to do first is to verify that all your information listed is accurate. See the complete list of Winners here.

If any typo or other errors need to be corrected, then simply use this online error correction form and submit all the corrections asap.

2 – Download the Press Template

You may download a winner's press release template suitable for publicly making your Gold/ Silver/ Bronze status announcement. This press release template is provided as a basic guideline only. You may modify the content so that your recognition is highlighted most effectively


3 – Download the Winner's Logos

Award logos can be downloaded from here in GIF, JPEG, EPS, or PDF formats. A PowerPoint slide containing the most recent logos is also available. You may use the winner's logos on your website, blogs, printed collateral, corporate brochures, large displays at expos and conferences, social media and digital communications, as per the standard guidelines of use.


4 – Submit your company's executive quote for the winner's webpage

Simply send us a quote of 100 words or less and we will post your company's executive's quote on the winners page. Only one executive's quote per company can be published.

Submit your company's executive's quote for the winner's page here.


5 – Request your organization's complimentary medallions

You can order complimentary medallions for the categories in which your organization won. Only one complimentary medallion per category will be shipped per organization. There is a shipping and handling fee of $30 for USA addresses, $70 for Canada addresses, and $125 for all other addresses outside USA.

Order your organization's complimentary medallions now.

Choose "Complimentary Items" from the above link. Please note that the complimentary medallions offer is valid only for current year winners.

All Complimentary items are engraved only with original One Planet Awards text. If you want the text modified then you may order the "paid" medallions which offers text customization.

If you would like to order trophies and plaques, please use this link.

6 – Upload your photos when you receive the complimentary medallions

Receiving the original medallions is exciting. That's why we want you to send us your photos with the medallions and we will upload them on our website.

Upload your photos here when you have them ready.

7 – Order additional medallions and custom enragved trophies and plaques

At any time you may order additional copies of the original medallions for current year or any other year in which your company has been announced as a winner.

Order additional medallions, trophies and plaques now.

8 – As a current or past winner keep the momentum moving forward by participating in a quick written Industry Interview that can be promoted online and through Social Media

Written interviews where a C-level executive from your company can discuss company directions, products, and more is a great way to get publicity.  

Submit your answers for a written industry Q&A now.


9 – Recommend new categories for the next awards program

Have a recommendation for a new category? Go ahead and submit your recommendation now.


10 – Participate in the 2019 One Planet Award programs

We continue to expand the One Planet Awards program based on the feedback we receive from you. Check back the 2019 deadlines soon.

Questions/Comments - send email to help [@] oneplanetawards [dot] com